Phoenix Stove The Best Rocket Stove in the World

Phoenix Stove is a great cooking Rocket stove to have in preparation for any emergency situation. This Rocket Stove will allow you to safely prepare food and water for you and your precious family member in times of emergency. Being prepared is the best we can do.

Phoenix Rocket Stove is also great to have for cooking in yards, BBQ and such. It can be used in camping site that don't allow open fire as this stove's fire is contained.

Phoenix Rocket Stove is also safe to operate, all stove body part is only warm to the touch even after hours of continuous use eliminating accidental burn risk.

TOP Model of 2010

Turul - 4inch Portable Rocket Stove

Our Turul Stove - the best selling Rocket Stove has Great portability, Very sturdy, Very strong yet small and light suitable for camping, hunting and even backyard cooking.

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